Today’s quote from my friend MM: “We are byproducts of the cosmos not the custodians.”
Taurus is saddled with the most hackneyed keywords. But these cliches protect the Tauri's esoteric nature, the sign’s direct link to primordial power.
Re-seeing the 12th House and its panoply of mysteries. It's all good.
The Roe v. Wade debacle: An 'unsealed letter' unsealed.
OPEN THREAD: May 4, 2022What’s the one transit in your chart right now that’s got you wondering WTF? Post details in the COMMENTS, and we’ll discuss. All paid subscribe…
What to do with late April's eclipse in Taurus.
You'd think charisma is Solar. Or maybe Martian. Maybe even Neptunian. Nope: Charisma is purely Venusian.
The big conjunction continues to off-gas as I type. And it’s not what you imagine, which is exactly how the folks that militarize reality want to keep…
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