'Adjustment' pointers for the dwarf planet's 20-year transit through Aquarius
1940s astrologer Grant Lewi completely overhauled natal horoscopes for the masses. And his influence continues to color astrology today.
Some random pointers that deliver big time. More to follow as they occur to me.
Saturn in Pisces reminds us that our original cultural impulse was to develop ways for humans to work together to ensure survival—to live harmoniously…
An ephemeris is the "combined biography of billions of souls." And calendar zealot Dagan Best knows it like the back of his hand. (And did he really…
Astrology: Science or Art or both? And a new Rage of Aquarius podcast episode.
Why not drop your tragicomic narrative and just—you know—see what happens?
It's all about the creative act as a way of being. And that's a book title.
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