It's all about the creative act as a way of being. And that's a book title.
Random thoughts about Ernest Hemingway, the writer—not the myth.
Death brings release, discursive memories and a stinging acknowledgment of one's impending mortality. Best to sit in the brew rather than trying to…
The red planet's mode of generating movement depends on friction, a condition most of us try to avoid, at our own hazard.
We made it. Now what?
Our drip-by-drip empirical decline is the incremental fallout of the US’s Pluto return. The message is simplistic but brutal: The dream is done.
OMG, another f-ing holiday email. But wait, this will be quick. Gifts all around! Including the new RAGE OF AQUARIUS podcast.
Make a promise to yourself in the new year to commit to the open-ended space of your imagination.
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