• “FREDERICK WOODRUFF is like a four-dimensional eyeball capable of not just understanding and interpreting bodies in space, but translating their movements into the entire socio-political, psychological zeitgeist.” —Cintra Wilson, author of Fear and Clothing, Unbuckling American Style

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  • Because you belong in the inner circle—where we explore popular culture as viewed through the lens of astrology, psychology, dreams, and the Tarot—imagine a humanities bacchanalia organized by Linda Goodman. ♥️

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    “FREDERICK IS A LUCID THINKER and a bad-ass wit, qualities one doesn’t see often in astrological writing. He’s a gimlet-eyed observer of contemporary culture, with an intelligence that is grounded in erudition and spiritual sophistication. His writing never fails to surprise, to delight and to teach.”  — Jessica Murray, author of Soul-Sick Nation and At the Crossroads.

Sartorial maven, age 6.
  • I’ve been on the Internet and social media so long I can’t stand to read anything involving someone telling another person about himself. And yet—blah blah...

  • So, here’s proof that whatever you’re obsessed with in childhood is a good indicator of where you’re headed as an adult. In the third grade, I pestered my dad to get me a typewriter, and then the bastard—because he loved antiques—brought home an ancient Underwood. Despite weighing 400 pounds and requiring an ape's strength to press down on its keys, I taught myself how to type.

  • My astrology teachers were Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson and Margaret Latvala. Yes, I’m that old. My Tarot teacher was the Jewish High Priestess of Los Feliz, Wendy Cohen.

  • Words I’ve written have appeared in Salon, Print, The Advocate, Garage, The Seattle Weekly, The Honolulu Weekly, Unzipped, Out, Cybersocket, American Astrology, and Horoscope.

  • I also contribute as the house astrologer for designer Dan Snyder’s Corridor NYC clothing line. My seasonal astro climate reports appear quarterly in Dan’s journal.

  • I co-host the popular Rage of Aquarius: The Outsider Astrology Podcast with my colleagues Rachel Capurso and Andrei Burke. Follow us here.

  • Books I’ve written for publishers: Secrets of a Telephone Psychic and Skywriter: Notes on Modern Astrology

  • My new romance novel about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is scheduled for July 2024. You can follow along with my writing process for free on my Substack, The Dahmer Diaries.

  • Teleplays I’ve written with Keith Bacon: Revelations

  • Venus in Gemini rules my midheaven, so yeah, I’m all over the place vocationally.

  • The house I occupy is on a small, strange island in Puget Sound.

• “FREDERICK IS A SAGE with a wise and awake worldview who demystifies the abstract and opens new doors on astrological perception. His Substack columns are the only thing I read as soon as they’re published.” Ronnie Grishman, Editor Emeritus Dell Horoscope

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WOODRUFF is a longtime astrologer—practicing what would be considered psychological-spiritual astrology—and although he identifies himself as a ‘skeptical mystic,’ my best attempt at defining his style is that he writes as a post-intellectual, post-conceptual, back-to-the-precious-human-body, direct-personal-experience kind of guy.” —Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer

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I use astrology as next-level psychoanalysis…of the culture, the arts, the individual. I'm the House astrologer for Corridor Menswear NYC.


I use astrology as next-level psychoanalysis…of the culture, the arts, the individual. I'm the house astrologer for Corridor Menswear NYC.