• “FREDERICK WOODRUFF is like a four-dimensional eyeball capable of not just understanding and interpreting bodies in space, but translating their movements into the entire socio-political, psychological zeitgeist.” —Cintra Wilson, author of Fear and Clothing, Unbuckling American Style

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  • Because you belong in the inner circle—where we explore popular culture as viewed through the lens of astrology, psychology, dreams, and the Tarot—imagine a humanities bacchanalia organized by Linda Goodman. ♥️

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    “FREDERICK IS A LUCID THINKER and a bad-ass wit, qualities one doesn’t see often in astrological writing. He’s a gimlet-eyed observer of contemporary culture, with an intelligence that is grounded in erudition and spiritual sophistication. His writing never fails to surprise, to delight and to teach.”  — Jessica Murray, author of Soul-Sick Nation and At the Crossroads.

Sartorial maven, age 6.
  • I’ve been on the Internet and social media so long I can’t stand to read anything involving someone telling another person about himself. And yet—blah blah...

  • So, here’s proof that whatever you’re obsessed with in childhood is a good indicator of where you’re headed as an adult. In the third grade, I pestered my dad to get me a typewriter, and then the bastard—because he loved antiques—brought home an ancient Underwood. Despite weighing 400 pounds and requiring an ape's strength to press down on its keys, I taught myself how to type.

  • My astrology teachers were Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson and Margaret Latvala. Yes, I’m that old. My Tarot teacher was the Jewish High Priestess of Los Feliz, Wendy Cohen.

  • Words I’ve written have appeared in Salon, Print, The Advocate, Garage, The Seattle Weekly, The Honolulu Weekly, Unzipped, Out, Cybersocket, American Astrology, and Horoscope.

  • I also contribute as the house astrologer for designer Dan Snyder’s Corridor NYC clothing line. My seasonal astro climate reports appear quarterly in Dan’s journal.

  • Books I’ve written for publishers: Secrets of a Telephone Psychic and Skywriter: Notes on Modern Astrology

  • My new romance novel on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is scheduled for the spring of 2024. You can follow along with my writing process, for free, on my Substack The Dahmer Diaries.

  • Teleplays I’ve written with Keith Bacon: Revelations

  • Venus in Gemini rules my midheaven, so yeah, I’m all over the place vocationally.

  • The house I occupy is on a small strange island in Puget Sound.

• “FREDERICK IS A SAGE with a wise and awake worldview who demystifies the abstract and opens new doors on astrological perception. His Substack columns are the only thing I read as soon as they’re published.” Ronnie Grishman, Editor Emeritus Dell Horoscope

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WOODRUFF is a longtime astrologer—practicing what would be considered psychological-spiritual astrology—and although he identifies himself as a ‘skeptical mystic,’ my best attempt at defining his style is that he writes as a post-intellectual, post-conceptual, back-to-the-precious-human-body, direct-personal-experience kind of guy.” —Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer

Woodruff illustration by: Hamilton Cline

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I use astrology as next-level psychoanalysis…of the culture, the arts, the individual. I'm the House astrologer for Corridor Menswear NYC.


I use astrology as next-level psychoanalysis…of the culture, the arts, the individual. I'm the house astrologer for Corridor Menswear NYC.