Thank you, Frederick, and Happy Full Moon just four hours ago leaving us ready to

get serious.

Concerning "toxically polarized cultural mindset," our government's deliberate emphasis on

promoting fear and anger among its citizens, and our personal habitual behavior of constantly

taking sides on every subject and event among ourselves, keeps us polarized and consequently disempowered. Therefore, there is no hope of achieving or recognizing the power

of unity and discovering a means to make a difference within society and with governmental issues.

One first step is deliberately noticing how we relate emotionally an intellectually to these various

subject and events without judgement but with knowing that we have the capacity to make choices. (A Buddhist idea).

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P. S. Regarding this Capricorn full moon, it opposes my Mercury in Cancer which is sandwiched

in between the Sun in Cancer in the fifth house and Pluto in Cancer in the sixth house.

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This is so true, what a community Substack is...glad to have met you here, Frederick!

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Thought provoking post here! I have only been a wader in the shallow end of FB, but I've known for years that I don't want to go in any deeper. I don't even post birthday wishes on my kids' FB! On your advice, I'm looking into Substack. I'm going on an important trip in a few weeks and have wondered about how I will keep track of pictures and entries (thought about my private blog, which I have been "saving") of our travels. Maybe substack is the ticket!

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I enjoyed reading your perspective! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for writing this. I’m also here because of centrist nonfiction that doesn’t fit established literary magazines which have become hard left or are over supplied with authors. How many subscribers do you have? I’d love to find a way to collaborate and co-promote.

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Hi Frederick, you had me at your aversion to the doubling down on woke-ness and your love of George Orwell :) I found this piece to be really encouraging as I'm new(ish) to Substack - joined 9 months ago but haven't yet put in the effort to be consistent or thought about offering a paid subscription, mostly because I'm sick to death of slaving away on platforms like Instagram to gain a following which never really translates into anything of value. However as I'm looking deeper into how to use Substack I'm seeing many people echo your thoughts, which is quite promising!

Not sure if you have any knowledge in the podcast sphere but would love to hear your thoughts - I currently have a podcast which publishes to Spotify and Apple. I've reconciled myself to the fact that it's a passion project which may never earn me any income, but reading your words made me realise that perhaps I shouldn't settle for that. After all, I put a lot of time and effort into it. Would you recommend duplicating my podcast here on Substack too?

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