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Brilliant (as ever) -- your writing legitimately elevates my mood, Frederick, and to be treated to some Jessica Murray to boot ('anger menstruating')! Speaking of the US Pluto return (dear god helpety help help help) I have a birth time for RFK Jr that I got from Jude Cowell, who got it from an astrologer named Matthew Swann, who got it from RFK Jr in the 70s on Cape Cod. His Capricorn stellium includes Sun, Mercury and Venus conjunct US Pluto and Moon conj. Sibley Sun (I think the time is accurate or accurate enough); Leo rising 5:32 pm... I think the transition to corporatocracy is pretty well achieved -- the sole reason we have no Democratic Primary; and oh, so much else. Love you

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"But freak-outs are merely symptoms of larger evolutionary cycles. If the world feels unhinged, it’s because it is; we incarnated into a time of polycrisis. From a transpersonal perspective, this isn’t considered a problem. The decay of structures doesn’t mean something’s wrong, any more than tectonic shifts are just Nature being cruel. These mass destabilizations are part of the wrenching evolution of mass consciousness. We’re all in hard labor together, being squeezed toward whatever the next phase is that wants to be born."

Tapping into what "wants to be born" is the essence of creativity - the antithesis of the desire of most people, preferring instead repetitive deadness as consoling and reassuring. The heart of the freak out. Being attached to what is, gripping tighter in fear of the unknown won't help. None of the tradtional American bravado will help - perhaps this is the point. To end battle, to end war.

... a thought. Thanks for the post Frederick!

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"Polycrisis" indeed. So in short, we're fucked.

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What comes after Trump? I'd LOVE to learn about moving past him 😬

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You 2 make a great tag team. Just a little icing on my regular diet of your great cake! So much so, had to share a quote from good friend M.W.S.:

"I am a trained zoologist and we frequently rely upon dissection for identification, so I (too) am at a professional disadvantage. But rather than a narcissist, I had misidentified TFG (the former guy) as a cniderian, more specifically, a sea anemone. The sea anemone is a predatory sessile polyp that poisons prey with specialized hooked cells laden with toxins released from its grasping tentacles. A single mouth/anus opening allows food engulfing and waste spewing. It is brainless and spineless (no centralized nervous system and no skeleton). So, hopefully, you can understand my mistaking a narcissist for a cniderian."

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Frederick and Jessica, thank you for this. It's great to see two first-rate minds unpacking something (one) as off-the-chain as Trump.

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