A Quick Sunday Update For You

Hello! It's happened! AstroInquiry is now WOODRUFF

AS THE WORLD TURNS: AstroInquiry is now officially WOODRUFF

I have shifted my writing endeavors from my website AstroInquiry to the WOODRUFF newsletter on Substack.

And that’s what you’re reading right now—a Substack newsletter update from me. Some of you have already subscribed—good morning and thank you!

For the rest of you that signed up for my newsletter on AstroInquiry, I’ve brought you along to my mailing list here on Substack. Should you wish to not be included in future updates you can unsubscribe below.

A nutty info-graphic:

Why did this happen?

The old days of EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS FREE are over. Substack is the new thing.

Writing on the Substack platform simplifies life—it makes delivering and receiving compensation easy. 

It’s easy to set up a paid subscription, and then—BOOM—you're done.

New articles from me will appear in your mailbox while you sleep. It'll be like getting periodic telepathic messages from me—strange and fun and elegant.

What do you get as a paid subscriber to WOODRUFF?

  • Private monthly horoscopes for adults.

  • My new Zeitgeist Trends reports—close reads about the intersection of cosmos, chaos, and culture.

  • Longer, deep-diving articles on astrology, Tarot, pop culture, style, tech, sex and romance, and more.

  • Full access to the WOODRUFF archives. (OMG, the stuff you’ll discover!)

  • Occasional surprise one-card Tarot draws for subscribers.

  • Discounted rates for private session work with me.

  • Also the random fashion show.

  • You can read more about the benefits and prizes for you here

If you don’t want to become a paid subscriber that’s cool. You can stay on board for my infrequent public posts—smart content you’ll still enjoy. All are welcome!

What’s so great about Substack?

Substack is the epitome of Zen. It’s simple, quiet, and exists within lots of soothing white space. It’s the future—now.

No pop-ups, no advertising banners, no requests to turn off your adblocker, no videos that start playing automatically, no warnings about tracking and potential Malware invasions.

Substack is what the Internet experience would be like if gigantic corporate search engines and social media networks hadn’t gobbled up all ad revenue on the planet forcing websites and blogs to turn feral as they try to survive online.

Thanks for reading this far down the scroll!

So that’s it for now. I’m glad you’re here. Why not take a look around and see what’s been happening on WOODRUFF during the last couple of months.


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