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January 2024: Horoscopes for Moderns

WOODRUFF's Favorite Things 2023

Try This Trick to Transform Your New Year

Solstice 2023 Gifts for You

Time, Sex and Neptune's Cloud of Unknowing

Solstice Secrets of the Christmas Tree

May You Live In Interesting Times

Christmas Music: Boost or Bane?

December 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

What About the Ascendant?

How To Know When It's Time To Get A Cat

Saturn in Pisces: Form Meets Formlessness

Free the Children!

November 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

CHAPTER THREE: The Astrology of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

Bad Astrology is Everywhere

CHAPTER TWO: The Astrology of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

"I see dead people..." on Facebook

CHAPTER ONE: The Astrology of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

October 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

The Autumn Equinox is Here

Dr. Dream: September 18, 2023

Observing Life Beyond the Screen

Time To Talk About Trump

September 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

A New Rage of Aquarius Episode!

The Truth About Mercury Retrograde and the Imagination

The Future Isn't What It Used to Be

August 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

Sinéad O'Connor: No One Compared

Ten Astrology Books You Need In Your Library Right Now!

The Spooky Art

July 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

You'll Love These Sun Sign Guides to Creativity

Jack Smith for the Prosecution

Falling in Love with Time

June 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

Karen Carpenter: Pop Music’s Persephone

Jupiter Starts Streaming on the Prosperity Channel

You Don't Have To Read This

You Want it Darker

May 2023: Horoscopes For Moderns

Jeffrey Dahmer's Kaleidoscopic Doppelgängers

The Myth-Making of E.M. Forster's Maurice

Gone Dude

April 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

In Praise of the Slow and Enriching

Pluto Enters Crazy Town

Grant Lewi: The Pop of Popular Astrology

How To Become an Astrologer: Part 1

March 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

Nick Dagan Best: The Human Ephemeris

The Sun Conjunct Saturn and Some Aquarian Topics and Vibes

Secrets of the Picaresque

February 2023: Horoscopes for Moderns

Writing That One True Sentence

When Shit Happens...

When Mars Turns Against You